In 2009, Jiangmen Changhe Yachts Company Limited (“Changhe Yachts”) was established by many yacht professionals from Chinese Mainland, Hong Kong and UK. Located in Xinhui, Changhe Yachts is a subsidiary under Changhe Group, adhering to the group concept to engage in yacht industry construction. Its establishment is originated from an envisage: create a full set of power yacht series products and combine extraordinary comfort, seaworthiness and environmental protection with the latest concept in modern design and provide domestic customers with specific design, manufacturing and consulting services. Nowadays, power yacht series products of Changhe Yachts range between 28~103 feet in length. It is one of luxury yacht brands, which is mostly favored by consumers. 

To meet the development requirements, Changhe Yachts expanded the production base in 2015. Covering area of 65,000m2, it aims at becoming a first-class base for R&D design, manufacturing, sales and service in Asia, reaching a production capacity of mass products and large super yacht customization. In recent two years, Changhe Yachts further deepens the domestic market layout, will set up a strictly trained and professional sales and after-sales service team and establish sales points and yacht maintenance companies in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Xiamen, Haikou and Sanya in five years.